The tradition of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)

‘Man Kuntu Mowlahu fa haza Aliyun Mowlahu’ – ‘He of whomever I am the Master, Ali is his Master’

For centuries, there has been much speculation about the Event of Ghadeer and its significance. Some schools of thought have taken this event as trivial, while others maintain that the event of Ghadeer e Qum is one of the main milestones that signifies Imam Ali (AS) as the divinely appointed Successor to the Holy Prophet. This difference in opinion has split the Muslim Ummah since the death of the Holy Prophet (pbuh).

Ahlulbayt TV wants to investigate what happened on that day: Did the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) appoint anyone after him? Why is there a split in the Ummah? Did the Prophet not prepare the people for the successorship of Imam Ali (AS)? Does the Qur’an shed any light about that day?

These questions will be answered in an 8 part lecture series by Sheikh Usama Al-Atar from Monday, October 21st to Tuesday, October 29th(excluding Sunday 27th October) at 9:30 (UK time)4:30 (NY time) 11:30 (DSM time). By the end of the series you will be left with no doubt that Imam Ali (AS) was the rightful successor after the Prophet (pbuh).

1) Did Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) appoint anyone after him?
2) The tradition of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh)
3) Does the voting system apply to leadership?
4) How did the Prophet (pbuh) prepare the Ummah for the leadership of Ali (AS) from the Quran?
5) How did the Prophet (pbuh) prepare the Ummah for the leadership of Ali (AS) from Hadiths?
6) Hadith Al Ghadeer
7) Why did the Ummah go against the Prophets appointment?
8) Continuation of Hadith of Ghadeer

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